<!-- avaTags -->

avaTags stands for "Avatar's Custom Tags", which compliant with JSR052 (JSTL) specifications.

It's here for easier & faster web development.

E.g. 1:

This example showing a web version of "grep" utility implemented in a taglib style.

<%@ taglib prefix="ava" uri="http://avatags.sourceforge.net/tags" %>
<ava:grep var="${grepResultsList}" dir="/dev/logs" regex="${regexValue}"/>

E.g. 2:

Hibernate Bean taglib
Imagine that you can manipulating (list,save,remove) your bean data around, by simply calling a tag.

<%@ taglib prefix="ava" uri="http://avatags.sourceforge.net/tags" %>
<ava:hBean method="list" class="bean.User" var="lsUsers"/>
<!-- "bean.User" stored in a "List" form -->
<c:forEach var="users" items="${lsUsers}">
 name=<c:out value="${users.name}"/><br/>
 email=<c:out value="${users.email}"/><br/>
 address=<c:out value="${users.address}"/><br/>


There are no specific release available yet at this time.
Hopefully they will be available asap. :)